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Misuse of E-Pill among young adults in Eldoret. Kenya


We would love to carry out a formative study on young undergraduate students to establish the perceptions of students in Kenya in relation to unprotected sex, and their attitudes towards fear of pregnancy and fear of contracting HIV. The target population would be 500 students who will for Focused Group Discussions whereas our research assistants will administer well structured questionnaire in order to collect the relevant and significant data for later analysis with our able statisticians. The study intends to survey reasons as to the extent to which females undergraduate students in Eldoret and other Kenya Universities / Campus fear catching HIV infection while they have unprotected sex and thereafter in the morning go buy e-pill to prevent chances of getting pregnant. We are yet to secure a donor to facilitate the study. We intend to study the behavioral perspective of the students and why the misuse of morning after pills not the whole contraceptives.

Inclusion Criteria

Young Adults at 3 Leading University campuses of age below 25 years and not married.

Further information

This data is direly needed to curb the notion of " even if am HIV infected it doesn't show unlike when am Pregnant".


Ismail Mbowo Email: imbowooos@gmail.com Mobile No: +254773780044 C/O Principal Investigator Prof. Edwin Were Associate Professor Moi University sch of Health Sciences Email: eowere@gmail.com Mobile No: +254733759942 Box 4606 Eldoret. Kenya Assisted by

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