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  • Added 12 Oct 2015

Centro de Investigacao em Saude de Manhica


Performing studies in research areas such as Malaria, Bacterial Infections, Diarrhea, HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis, Maternal and Reprodutive Health,Environmental Health, research in social areas and Consultancies.

The Centro de Investigação em Saúde em Manhiça (CISM, or Manhica Health Research Centre in English) in Mozambique has ample experience with vaccine research studies. We have been assessing the impact and effectiveness of the rotavirus, PCV-10 and PCV-13 vaccines for at least 6 years.
Importantly, the CISM was one of the sites for Phase II trials of the RTSS malaria vaccine about a decade ago and is still involved in research on the immune correlates of protection. Additionally, we participated in a pilot on the roll-out of the HPV vaccine throughout the country and assessed attitudes in the community, safety and economic costs associated with a possible introduction of HPV vaccine in the country.

To add, one of our group leaders has previously led a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating a needle-less HIV vaccine in collaboration with Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Disease areas

  • Enteric diseases
  • Helminths
  • HIV
  • Malaria
  • Maternal Health
  • Newborn Health
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • TB

Other information

Centro de investigacao em Saude de Manhica is a research site located 89 Kms away from the capital city, Maputo and it provides support to the Manhica District Hospital that is placed in front of it.

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To: Sofia Mandjate, Scientific Secretary at Centro de Investigacao em Saude de Manhica

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