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  • Added 18 Apr 2013

UVRI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Program


Conducted several HIV Vaccine Clinical trials and HIV epidemiological studies in fishing communities around L. Victoria to characterise trends in HIV-1 prevalence and incidence and assess their suitability for HIV vaccine efficacy trials. We have also conducted HIV immunology basic research specifically in T-cells using an 18 colour BD LSRII flow cytometer. We have participated in multicenter studies to collect samples for isolating HIV neutralising antibodies and to evaluate clinical, immunologic and viral markers of disease progression in recently HIV-infected volunteers

Disease areas

  • Helminths
  • HIV
  • Malaria
  • TB

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To: Dr. Noah Kiwanuka, Conducting HIV clinical trials and HIV epidemiological studies at UVRI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Program

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