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Zika Virus Research Sites

SiteFinder has created a list of research-ready research sites who have expressed an interest specifically in conducting research into Zika Virus. In response to the outbreak, SiteFinder has created a specific disease listing for Zika, meaning that sites who are interested in conducting research in this area can easily be found by those planning studies. The list includes diverse research sites, including those with relevant experience; for example IPSUM Santa Marta Calabazo in Colombia, who have recently partnered with a biotech to develop a rapid diagnostic test for Zika, and the Centre for Biotechnology at the University of Yaounde, who have identified foci of aedes mosquito, the vector for arboviruses including Zika. It is hoped that this will encourage diverse, locally-relevant and locally-led research to facilitate the generation of evidence in this outbreak. 



Can I add my site to SiteFinder's list of Zika sites?

If you are a researsch site in a low/middle income setting and are interested in conducting zika research, then yes. SiteFinder is completely free, and is open to both well-established research groups, and those new to conducting research; all we ask is that you are honest in your description of your group’s experience. You can sign your group up to SiteFinder yourself by registering, and clicking ‘add a site’, or by email in which the SiteFinder team can assist you (

SiteFinder already lists 146 research sites in over 35 countries; sites involved receive notifications about new studies they can work on, as well as up to date news about funding and grant opportunities. 

I am seeking research sites for a new study - how do I use SiteFinder?

There are two ways to use SiteFinder; either way you will need to register first at the top of the screen. Then you can simply browse the list of sites above and contact those you think are relevant. However, to save you time and to ensure that all relevant sites are contacted, you could post your potential study on SiteFinder. You can post a brief outline about your planned research (it doesn't have to be a full protocol, and you can do this at any stage of study initiation - even if you're not definitely going ahead). To do so, click 'Enter a Study'. SiteFinder's clever web technology will then do the work for you; it will email all of the relevant sites (i.e. the ones in the right locations, with the right expertise and disease interests). Those sites can then apply for further information via SiteFinder, meaning that you can easily manage their responses in your profile. 

Have you used SiteFinder to collaborate with a site?

Let us know! We would like to hear feedback on SiteFinder, and we are always striving to measure our impact. Stories of succesful collaborations as a result of SiteFinder are extremely important to showcase for our current and future funders - please email us on the address below. Thank you!

Where can I get up to date news and information about Zika research?

The Global Health Network's Zika community provides information about the Zika virus, current research efforts, relevant training, research tools etc in Spanish and Portuguese. 

If you have any questions please email