The Health Keepers Network

  • Ghana FlagGhana

The HealthKeepers Network (HKN) is a network which provides unprecedented and sustainable access to life-saving health protection interventions and services along with education and health training for the rural, poor ...

  • Size Single investigators
  • Previous clinical trials None
  • Staff 25
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  • Mali FlagMali

The University Clinical Research Center (UCRC) is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Health and the Public Hygiene, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the University of ...

  • Size District hospital
  • Previous clinical trials 1-5
  • Staff 121
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University Research Center, University of Lagos

  • Nigeria FlagNigeria

Planning | Hepatitis care & treatment | HIV/AIDS care & treatment | Malaria care & treatment | Tuberculosis care & treatment | Infectious Disease Services | Other, Immunisation services, non ...

  • Size Other
  • Previous clinical trials None
  • Staff None
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  • Nigeria FlagNigeria

Laboratory Quality Management system, ISO 15189, DAIDS, Good clinical Laboratory Practice(GCLP), research and clinical trials

  • Size Reference Laboratory
  • Previous clinical trials 5-10
  • Staff 55
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