Hayat Ali Yousefzai

  • Pakistan FlagPakistan

Consultant clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Psychiatry Department, Ziauddin University of Medical Science at Karachi,

Area of interest as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist:
• Teaching of Psychology

  • Size Regional hospital
  • Previous clinical trials More than 10
  • Staff 57
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Health Protection and Research Organisation

  • Afghanistan FlagAfghanistan

More than five years of operational and scientific research experience in infectious diseases and health systems in Afghanistan. Projects include multidisciplinary research and large, complex intervention trials.

Expertise includes ...

  • Size Other
  • Previous clinical trials 1-5
  • Staff 66
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Holistic Healthcare and Research Centre

  • India FlagIndia

Holistic Healthcare and Research Centre(HHARC) is a multidisciplinary research site which has conducted nearly 20 trials, working with more than 10 pharmaceutical companies and 6 CROs since 2005. HHARC is ...

  • Size Clinic
  • Previous clinical trials More than 10
  • Staff 129
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